Wednesday, August 25, 2010

KIKO 300 'Verde Malachite Perlato' + KIKO 270 'Paillettes Aqua Sparkle T.'

Hello, dears. Today I have 3 'looks' for you. The first swatches are of 3 coats (plus top coat) of KIKO 300. This shimmery blue is quite beautiful on its own, but I decided to add a coat of KIKO 270 to it. I have shown you 270 (it was formerly numbered 170) before, and I often use it over dark colors, especially since the whole exagonal paillettes and small glitter in polish trend started (see the gorgeous polishes from Lippmann Collection).
I then mattified it with a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic.
I really love the final look, I'll have to wear it for a real mani soon!

Buonasera, care lettrici. Oggi ho un bel po' di foto per voi. Nelle prime vedete 3 passate di KIKO 300 + top coat. Poi ho aggiunto uno strato di KIKO 270, che uso spesso per dare 'un tocco in più' ai colori scuri, specialmente da quando Deborah Lippmann ha lanciato lo smalto con paillettes esagonali e glitter. Non contenta ho deciso di 'mattificare' il tutto con China Glaze Matte Magic.
Questo look finale mi piace proprio, lo dovrò rifare per una vera manicure!



  1. WOW, this one is stunning, I love the final result, you did a great job, amazing combo! <3

  2. i love both polishes, they are a great pairing :o

  3. Very impressive and pretty layering mani.

  4. Great!
    I love the Kiko glitters you sent me, I'm wearing 231 on top of my orange-red base right now and it looks awesome. Unfortunately, the weather is heavy rain so I can not photograph it. Well, maybe tomorrow!

  5. i love that glitter! it really does look similar to the Lippmans!

  6. Wow, I love the final look!! 300 is a beautiful color, and it looks gorgeous with 270! :D

  7. Wow che effetto! Non l'avrei mai detto!

  8. This is gorgeous! I've been looking for Kiko every time I've traveled to a new city around me and no luck. I'm not going to stop looking this combination is gorgeous.


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