Tuesday, June 23, 2009

H&M Sinful Señorita/Creme de la creme - Vacations and a plea

Hi again! Today I have old pictures of two H&M holographic polishes: Sinful Señorita and Creme de la creme. I also have the other two holos but haven't worn them yet.
They're not the flashiest holos I've ever seen, but they application is smooth and the colors are nice.

Today was a great day nail polish-wise: I received my second BB Couture order at OverallBeauty. I got Blind Love and Fairy Blood, and since the great, amazing, awesome Kim was having Birthday Specials, I got Karibbean Kiersti for free. I also finally caved in and bought (in person, at a shop) my first Zoya, Roxy.

I apologize for the lack of posts, I've been feeling less than stellar for a while, and had some boring stuff to get out of the way, before I could spend time blogging.

Vacation time is coming up, I'm leaving tomorrow, coming back on 06/30, then leaving again for London on the second of July and coming back on the 8th.

Does anyone have polish shopping tips to give?

I also have a plea for the gals who live in the US:

Would anyone be willing to order the
Lippmann "Celebrate" 10th Anniversary Collection and ship it my way? If you click on that link you'll find all the information provided by the lovely Michelle of All Lacquered Up.
I would of course pay for all the expenses, and could try and see if my postal service would allow me to ship some Italian polishes your way...

Well, then I'll see you when I come back in a week...
Ciao, belle!
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