Thursday, January 29, 2009

Debby ColorPlay 48

For my first real post I bring you an Italian polish: Debby ColorPlay 48.

I bought it at a local shop for 4.5€.

I adore this color, it's the second time I wear it and I think it could be a darker sibling to China Glaze Ruby Pumps, since it's red and has lighter red microglitter in it. At least it's the closest thing us Italians will ever have.
It took two coats to have an even color, which is a pity, because with only one coat the color is lighter and looks even more like Ruby Pumps.
I topped it with Seche Vite.

Pics taken in direct sunlight. I still have to figure out how to enable the "click for bigger" option, so click here for the time being: 1 - 2.

Anyways I plan on buying the Lubu manicure set on eBay, so I'll be able to post a comparison between Ruby Pumps and this one. ;)


Nel mio primo vero post vi mostro uno smalto italiano, Debby ColorPlay 48.

L'ho acquistato un mesetto fa da Acqua e Sapone per 4.50€.

Lo trovo semplicemente adorabile, se conoscete Ruby Pumps di China Glaze forse potrete trovare delle somiglianze.

Per ottenere il risultato che vedete nelle foto ci sono voluti due "strati" di smalto, il che è un pò un peccato perchè con la prima passata il colore è più chiaro e si scurisce con la seconda.

Le foto sono state fatte in balcone, con il meraviglioso sole che splende oggi su Roma ;). Come top coat ho usato Seche Vite, acquistato da beautyzone2007.

Introduction - Introduzione

Hi there, my name is Flavia and I'm a self confessed nail polish addict.
The thing you'll have to know about me is that I'm Italian. I know, how unfortunate (nail polish-wise).
I decided to create this blog to appeal to both English speaking (and luckily for them living too) and Italian readers, since I'll be giving the Anglo-Americans a taste of Italian polishes, and the Italians tips on where to get their "international" polishes.

Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Flavia e sono dichiaratamente e maniacalmente amante degli smalti per le unghie.
Ho deciso di creare questo blog dopo aver seguito per qualche mese i fantastici blog che le fortunate ragazze che vivono in America. A voi italiane racconterò dei miei acquisti internazionali, mentre le ragazze d'oltre oceano potranno avere un assaggio delle (poche) chicche che il mercato italiano offre in campo di smalti.


List of the polishes I currently own/Lista degli smalti che ho:

- Barry M Forest Green 284
- BB Couture for Nails Frosty Meadow
- BB Couture for Nails Poison Ivy
- Borghese Bronzeo
- Borghese Golden Twilight
- Borghese Innocente
- Borghese Opera Red
- Borghese Oro Verde
- Borghese Passione
- Borghese Primo Blu
- Borghese Sanguino
- Bourjois 8
- BYS Dazzling
- Chanel Facettes d'Or Gold Fiction
- Chanel Holographic
- Chanel Kaleidoscope
- China Glaze DV8
- China Glaze Emerald Sparkle
- China Glaze Flying Dragon
- China Glaze For Audrey
- China Glaze Lubu Heels
- China Glaze Outta Bounds
- China Glaze Recycle
- China Glaze Ruby Pumps
- Collistar 44 Blu
- Color Club Catwalk
- Color Club Object of Envy
- Color Club Sexy Siren
- Color Club Revvvolution
- Color Club Wild Child
- Color Club Worth The Risque
- Colours and Beauty 11
- Colours and Beauty 17
- Colours and Beauty 20
- Colours and Beauty 22
- Colours and Beauty 47
- Constance Carroll Crystal Top Coat
- Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss Odissey
- CoverGirl NailSlicks Mystic Peacock
- CoverGirl Crackle Lacquer Blue Moon
- CoverGirl Crackle Lacquer Boo! Hou!
- CoverGirl Crackle Lacquer Ghost
- CoverGirl Crackle Lacquer Jack-O-Lantern
- CoverGirl Mattalic Copper Alloy
- CoverGirl Mattalic Pink Violet
- CoverGirl Mattalic Silver Violet
- CoverGirl Sun Kissed
- CoverGirl Mattalic Triple Platinum
- CoverGirl Sheer Orchid
- Debby 33
- Debby 35
- Debby 41
- Debby 43
- Debby 48
- Debby 52
- Debby 53
- Debby 61
- Deborah 7 Days Long Metal 5
- Deborah Shine Tech 15
- Deborah Shine Tech 17
- Deborah Shine Tech 18
- Deborah Shine Tech 27
- Essie Aruba Blue
- Essie Love, Beverly Hills XX
- Essie Wild Thing
- Eyeko Disco Polish
- Eyeko Punk Polish
- Gallery Colours Emerald Green 440
- Gallery Colours Gold Mine 434
- H&M Creme de la Creme
- H&M Fashionista
- H&M Mad About You
- H&M Sinful Señorita
- H&M You Rock my World
- Kiko 25
- Kiko 111
- Kiko 115
- Kiko 116
- Kiko 133
- Kiko 136
- Kiko 154
- Kiko 157
- Kiko 165
- Kiko 167
- Kiko 170
- Kiko 245
- L'Oréal Céramide Resist 604
- L'Oréal Holograpic Shine 812
- L'Oréal Jet Set Shine 001
- L'Oréal Jet Set Shine 501
- L'Oréal Star Magnet Magnetic Grey
- L'Oréal Star Magnet Purple
- L'Oréal Star Magnet Red
- L'Oréal Steel Colour Holographic 955 Oracle
- L'Oréal Wear Extraordinaire 390 Key Lime
- Layla PG83
- MAC Hello Kitty On The Prowl
- MAC Peppermint Patti
- ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly
- ManGlaze The Death Tar
- MaxFactor Nailfinity 865 Modernist Pink
- Maybelline Colorama Irresistible Color 3 Tutti Frutti
- Maybelline Colorama Irresistible Color 11 Toffee
- Maybelline Colorama Irresistible Color 22 Jelly Bean
- Maybelline Colorama Irresistible Color 33 Berry Jam
- Maybelline Colorama Irresistible Color 111 Jaded
- Maybelline Colorama Top Coats 25 Shimmer Girl
- Maybelline Colorama Top Coats 30 Ice Princess
- Maybelline Colorama Top Coats (No Number) Plum Pretty
- Maybelline Colorama Top Coats (No Number) Shoes To Match
- Maybelline Colorama Top Coats (No Number) Silver Tulle
- Maybelline Express Finish 103 Cosmic Flash
- Maybelline Express Finish 104 Bleu Divin
- Maybelline Express Finish 211 Ibiza Mauve
- Maybelline Express Finish 247 Icy Pink
- Maybelline ForeverStrong 362A Ruby Vamp
- Maybelline ForeverStrong 690A Rock'N Ruby
- Maybelline Mirror Image (Step 1 and 2)
- Maybelline Salon Manicure 03 Sand
- Maybelline Ultra Lasting 149 Racing Green
- Maybelline Ultra Lasting 174 Icy Blue
- Maybelline Ultra Lasting 218 Rich Ruby Myrtille
- Maybelline Water Shine 60 Raspberry Frappè
- Milani Garnet Gems
- Misa Disco Queen
- Misa Forbidden Lust
- New York Summer Amaranth
- Nouba 454
- Nubar Pasadena Purple
- OPI Baguette Me Not
- OPI Bastille My Heart
- OPI Boris and Natasha
- OPI Catherine The Grape
- OPI Crepes Suzi-ette
- OPI Designer Series Reflection
- OPI Don't Toy With Me
- OPI Parlez-Vous OPI?
- OPI You Don't Know Jacques
- Project Glitter
- Project Pearly Green
- Pupa E-Nail 19
- Revlon Color Protect 08 Garnet Glow
- Revlon Nude Pink
- Revlon White on White

- Rimmel French Manicure 442 French Rose
- Rimmel Lycra Wear 476 Glam Sham
- Rimmel Lycra Wear Nail Tip Whitener
- Rimmel Play Fast 800 Camouflage
- Rimmel Play Fast 810 Chill
- Rimmel Wear Maxx 403 Hypnotise
- Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect 15 Cassis Comfort
- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails with Nylon Angel
- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails with Nylon Joyful
- Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Jumpin' Jade
- Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Amber Ruby
- Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Bronze Coral
- Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond
- Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Garnet Lapis
- Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Golden Tourmaline
- Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Ruby Emerald
- Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Turquoise Opal
- Sally Hansen New Lenghts 68 Batik Creme
- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Hard As Nails Emerald City
- Sation Holiday Spirit
- Sephora Blue Sapphire
- Sephora L20 Cassis
- Sephora L24 Reglisse
- Sephora Metallic Disco
- Sephora Metallic Merengue
- Sephora By OPI Metro Chic (Thanks,
- Sinful Colors Bali Mist
- Sinful Colors Green Ocean
- Sinful Colors Midnight Blue
- Sinful Colors San Francisco


- Maybelline Matte Maker
- Nubar V Top Coat For Men
- Seche Vite Base Coat
- Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
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