What I can offer: Layla, KIKO, Collistar, Debby, Deborah, Essence, H&M, Shaka, Astra, to name a few. Take a look at my "italian polish" tag for swatches.

What I'd like: Any polish from Claire's, especially the Chunky polishes and 'Rock'. Any American brand that isn't sold internationally, like Icing, Pure Ice, ULTA, Lippmann Collection, Studio M/Massini, Finger Paints, Funky Fingers.
P2, Catrice and Essence Trend Editions not released here, any local brand you like and want to share, anything in green/mint green and taupe. I'm not a huge fan of reds.

Policy on sweets: I do like them, just not when they've been in a package that's changed countries taking who knows how long and might cause trouble at customs. So, thanks, but please don't send me candy and don't ask me to send you any, especially if you're in the US. I can include a few homemade nail polish rings in your favorite colors as extras on request. :)

Policy on used/swatched polishes: As long as the polishes are in good condition I don't mind if they've been swatched or used once. I never give away polish from my collection, so it's unlikely I'd ever send you used or swatched polish. I've actually been buying local polish to swap with you guys when it's on sale or when I particularly like a shade, so ask me what's on hand!

Contact info: You can email me at
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