About me

My name is Flavia (Pronunciation FLAH-vee-uh), an Ancient Roman name meaning “blonde” from the Latin word “flavus”, meaning “golden, blonde” (yep, I just quoted Wikipedia).
I was born in Rome, Italy 22 years ago and live in Ciampino, a small city near Rome.
When I'm not working at a job that has nothing to do with nails, I can usually be found at my PC, watching a dozen TV shows, listening to music, reading, and, of course, shopping for nail polish & browsing the blogs.
My love for nail polish was clear from an early age, though I wasn't able to stop biting my nails for good until 2008.
That's when this whole obsession was born, starting with a quest for a green polish, which didn't exist in Italy at the time. So I turned to eBay.co.uk and bought a lone bottle of "Gallery Colours - Emerald Green".
Green in all its shades is still one of my favorite colors for nail polish, closely followed by mint green and teal but really, I'll wear anything.
I can be reached at flavietta.g@gmail.com and try to answer every email in a timely fashion. ;)
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