Saturday, February 6, 2010

OPI Absolutely Alice VS Gemey (Maybelline) Bleu Divin

Hey there!
Today's post is about a possible dupe for OPI Absolutely Alice.
When I first saw AA I knew I'd seen something like it before, and went to find Gemey (Maybelline) Bleu Divin in my stash. I bought BD in April '09 from a French eBay seller after seeing it swatched somewhere.

It does indeed look very similar to Absolutely Alice, but it's not a real dupe, since it contains bigger gold glitter along with the fine one and it's a slightly different shade of blue. All this is noticeable in the bottle and if you look closely when on the nail, but it's hard to tell them apart from a distance, especially with the sun shining on them.

Anyways, on to the clickable pics.

I wish I had a better picture taking tecnique, but macro-ing the heck out of this was the best I could do. Sorry!

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  1. Wow they are really close!! Amazing comparison, thank you! I enjoy these a lot :-)


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