Monday, September 27, 2010

PUPA Baroque Couture Autunno 2010

901 Smoky Brown, 900 Emerald Green,  206 Mistery Pink

Hi everyone, today's post is about the PUPA Baroque Couture Collection for Fall 2010. Pupa is an Italian brand that's quite high end and expensive, so I don't usually buy their stuff, but this collection really caught my eye, so I decided to splurge and get all 3 polishes.
The colors are 901 Smoky Brown, 900 Emerald Green and 206 Mistery Pink and they are minis, only 5 ml for 5.90€.

Formula-wise these are small gems: they apply smoothly and are really pigmented, I'd dare to call them one-coaters. I did 2 just to be sure.

Ciao a tutte, il post di oggi riguarda la collezione Baroque Couture della PUPA per l'autunno 2010. Di solito non amo molto spendere 5.90€ per 5 miseri ml di smalto, ma stavolta i colori mi piacevano tutti, così mi sono buttata e li ho presi. I colori sono 901 Smoky Brown, 900 Emerald Green e 206 Mistery Pink. Devo dire che non mi sono pentita dell'acquisto. Saranno anche piccoli, ma i colori sono belli, la stesura è da sogno e sono talmente coprenti che basterebbe anche 1 sola passata.

Smoky Brown is a light taupe, a shade lighter than Chanel Particuliére, but they're really close, as you can see in the second pic below:

2 coats of Smoky Brown, no top coat

Chanel Particulière on ring finger / sull'anulare

Mystery Pink is a lovely nude pink:

2 coats of Mystery Pink, no top coat - in shade

2 coats of Mystery Pink, no top coat - in direct sunlight

Emerald Green is an unique shade in my collection, a fabulous dusty green I can see myself wearing again this winter.

2 coats of Emerald Green, no top coat

2 coats of Emerald Green, no top coat - in shade

That's all I have for today, thanks for reading! ;)


  1. this is a nice little collection =) I thought they would be closer to chanel khakis polishes, but they're lovely as they are, too =)

  2. ow that`s so funny :0 i wanted to make a post on those next week. don`t you just love them. the colors are nice and the texture of polish is really really good :)

  3. from the bottle picks i thought they would be like the chanels too.. they are way prettier! except for khaki vert. i love khaki vert!

  4. The green especially is really nice!

  5. Carini! Anch'io ho pensato ai Chanel :-P Il verde in particolare è proprio interessante!!

  6. The green looks fab, definitely unique shade. Love your blog

  7. Quindi direi che questi sono i secondi (dopo non ricordo quale altra marca americana) che hanno copiato i 3 colori di Chanel di quest'autunno! 'Mazza che fantasia 'ste case di cosmetici :-P

  8. wow Too bad we dont have pupa nail polish in slovenia..:( ..Its beautifulll:)


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