Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Special - Part 1

As promised, I'm back, and I come bearing Sally Hansen Nail Prisms.
Today's shades are: Amber Ruby, Bronze Coral and Ruby Emerald.
All three polishes required 2 coats, no top coat in these pictures. Click for bigger.

Amber Ruby is my least favourite of the three: I'm not crazy about the color(s) and the application. All the Prisms I own are thin and runny, but this one was particularly nasty.
As you can see from the pics, it's a definite red and dark gold duochrome.

Bronze Coral was a pleasant surprise, because I didn't like the brownish look it has in the bottle, and almost vanishes on the nails, leaving place to a lovely pink/lavender. The brown is still there since it's a duochrome, but the pink is more noticeable in most lights and angles.

And lastly my favourite of the three: Ruby Emerald. I wouldn't call this a duochrome, since the base color doesn't change, but the prismatic glitter inside shifts to gold in some angles.

Coming Soon: Turquoise Opal, Garnet Lapis, Diamond, Golden Tourmaline, Ruby Sapphire, Purple Diamond, Emerald Amethyst, South Sea Pearl and Pink Rose Diamond.


  1. ciao Flavia,
    dove hai trovato i nail prisms??

  2. Ciao Eleonora, li ho trovati su, da vari venditori. Sono abbastanza facilmente reperibili, e generalmente costano molto poco. ;)

  3. grazie!! e bentornata...

  4. Hello from your newest follower and fellow polish blogger! I am desperately trying to find Ruby Emerald and Turquoise Opal, and am having no luck! Would you happen to have any ideas on how I can get them apart from eBay?

  5. Hi Vibrant V, thanks for following!
    I'm afraid I can't be of help, I got all my Nail Prisms from eBay a while ago, I don't know if anyone else sells them. :(
    Good luck, though, I hope you'll find them!


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