Sunday, August 22, 2010

American Apparel Dynasty

Hi everyone, today's post is about the last of my America Apparels, Dynasty. It's a light mauve creme, a color that's classy, cute and work appropriate.
As usual the swatches are 3 coats, no top coat.

This concludes my American Apparel brand focus.
The next posts will focus on Italian cosmetics brand KIKO!


Buona domenica! Il post di oggi conclude lo speciale American Apparel con Dynasty, un color malva chiaro che trovo di classe ed adatto per andare al lavoro.
Come al solito per gli swatch 3 passate, niente top coat.

Con Dynasty si conclude l'American Apparel brand focus.
Vi preannuncio che i prossimi posts riguarderanno la KIKO!



  1. What a gorgeous colour! Thanks for showing us your American Apparel collection, now I have to get some for myself =p

  2. That is such a pretty color! I've been really drawn to violet-toned colors lately. I'm even wearing a fucshia with a definite violet tone to it right now!

  3. i'm going to get this color next time i go to AA!

  4. :-D this is nice.. pink/purple..!


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