Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Turquoise Opal

Hi, I apologise for the lack of posts, but don't worry, I haven't gone away again. ;)
To prove how much I still care about you I think I'll share one of my favourite Nail Prisms, Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal. This is a gorgeous duochrome that shifts from purple to blue and even to brownish gold. Like all Nail Prisms it's very sheer, so index and middle are 4 coats of just Turquoise Opal, while ring and little finger are 2 coats of Turquoise Opal over 1 coat of black polish. No top coat.


Buon giorno, mi scuso per la mancanza di post di questi ultimi giorni, ma non c'è pericolo, non vi ho abbandonati. ;)
Oggi sul menu c'è Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Turquoise Opal, uno smalto effetto multicromatico che va dal viola al blu e persino al dorato-marrone-rosso. Come tutti gli smalti di questa linea è molto liquido, quindi sull'indice e il medio ne ho passato 4 strati, mentre su anulare e mignolo ne ho dato 2 passate su 1 strato di smalto nero. Non ho aggiunto top coat.


  1. Beautiful photos -

    It's hard to believe that these are all the same polish - I saw your eBay Nail Prisms post last week - - - that was a good haul. I usually wear these over a dark base, and I have gotten alot of use out of them. - at this rate I will have them for a long, long time.

    In North America - these were once readily available at pharmacists & department stores for a reasonable price! but lately there doesn't
    seem to be anything this 'special' unless it's ordered over the internet.

  2. I'm with Deez, amazing that these are all photos of the same polish. I think I may have one of these somewhere that I picked up in the US, time to check it out!

  3. stupendo questo smalto!!
    certo che è quasi assurdo che abbia così tante sfumature.. non sembra neppure lo stesso smalto!!

  4. @ Dee: Thanks! The polishes were actually collected over a good 6 month of stalking eBay looking for them! :)

    @ Paola: Grazie cara! In effetti è uno degli smalti più straordinari che abbia mai visto.

  5. Ohooooooooooooooooo! Stupendo questo, lo voglio anch'io!!! ^^
    PS: no, manco io ero sparita, ma solo a ammalata!

  6. this is my no 1 polish ever! i have two bottles and still feel like i need backup!


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