Thursday, January 29, 2009

Debby ColorPlay 48

For my first real post I bring you an Italian polish: Debby ColorPlay 48.

I bought it at a local shop for 4.5€.

I adore this color, it's the second time I wear it and I think it could be a darker sibling to China Glaze Ruby Pumps, since it's red and has lighter red microglitter in it. At least it's the closest thing us Italians will ever have.
It took two coats to have an even color, which is a pity, because with only one coat the color is lighter and looks even more like Ruby Pumps.
I topped it with Seche Vite.

Pics taken in direct sunlight. I still have to figure out how to enable the "click for bigger" option, so click here for the time being: 1 - 2.

Anyways I plan on buying the Lubu manicure set on eBay, so I'll be able to post a comparison between Ruby Pumps and this one. ;)


Nel mio primo vero post vi mostro uno smalto italiano, Debby ColorPlay 48.

L'ho acquistato un mesetto fa da Acqua e Sapone per 4.50€.

Lo trovo semplicemente adorabile, se conoscete Ruby Pumps di China Glaze forse potrete trovare delle somiglianze.

Per ottenere il risultato che vedete nelle foto ci sono voluti due "strati" di smalto, il che è un pò un peccato perchè con la prima passata il colore è più chiaro e si scurisce con la seconda.

Le foto sono state fatte in balcone, con il meraviglioso sole che splende oggi su Roma ;). Come top coat ho usato Seche Vite, acquistato da beautyzone2007.

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  1. I agree that it might be a close dup to CG Ruby Pumps. When you figure out how to do the click for bigger pic, let me know b/c I'm not sure how to do it either.


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